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Governors Island, New York, NY

Jacob Hashimoto:“The Eclipse” and “Never Comes Tomorrow”

Governors Island Announces Immersive Public Exhibition by Artist Jacob Hashimoto. Two breathtaking installations composed of thousands of delicate, hanging rice paper kites, cubes and funnels to be displayed in historic St. Cornelius Chapel and Liggett Hall Archway.

Showcased in New York City for the first time, Hashimoto’s "The Eclipse" is a monumental work of thousands of delicate rice paper kites, enveloping viewers in a tangible, yet ever shifting fog. Originally installed at the Palazzo Flangini during the 57th Venice Biennale, the cloud-like work has been newly adapted for Governors Island’s St. Cornelius Chapel, winding, bending and at times consuming the architecture. St. Cornelius Chapel, owned by Trinity Church Wall Street, will open its doors for the first time since 2013 for visitors to delight in the piece.

Contrasting the installation in nearby St. Cornelius, Hashimoto’s "Never Comes Tomorrow" is a colorful, whimsical overhead outdoor installation adapted for Governors Island’s landmark Liggett Hall Archway. Constructed of hundreds of wooden cubes and massive steel funnels, this high energy sculptural installation plays with the architecture of the passageway, creating a virtual time tunnel or vortex between the Island’s Historic District and newly designed park with its colorful installation of forms. Never Comes Tomorrow merges Hashimoto’s interests in the systems of architecture, history and cosmology.

Open June 2nd - October 31st