Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL

"In the Cosmic Fugue" is Rhona Hoffman Gallery’s fourth solo exhibition of Jacob Hashimoto’s enormously imaginative and laboriously created work. The show will occupy the entire gallery with six new oil paintings and fourteen kite pieces, created from innumerable hand-painted and collaged rice paper and bamboo “kites,” Hashimoto’s signature medium. These visually striking, multi-dimensional works engross viewers through their organizational, geometric complexity, changing sight lines, and sheer beauty.

With In the Cosmic Fugue, the expansive and effervescent nature of Hashimoto’s work becomes more tightly organized and contained with bold visual graphics. His aesthetic inspiration stems from the space race era and 1960s California “Hard-edge” Abstraction. Unlike flat, High Modernist paintings; however, Hashimoto’s crisp lines fracture and transform as viewers move around his three-dimensional works.

A concern with space has always figured prominently in Hashimoto’s thinking, and "In the Cosmic Fugue" employs graphically minimal means to capture the cosmos’ vastness and infinite possibilities.

On view from October 30, 2015 - December 19, 2015.