Galerie Forsblom, Stockholm, SE

Galerie Forsblom is delighted to present 'Deep In The Gravity Well', artist Jacob Hashimoto’s first solo exhibition in Stockholm. Since the late nineties, Hashimoto has gained international renown for his complex, intricate sculptures made from materials such as paper, string, and bamboo. 'Deep In The Gravity Well' Hashimoto will unveil 'The Dark Isn’t The Thing to Worry About', an expansive, large-scale resin sculpture, suspended by string from the gallery’s ceiling. The piece that reveals several lesser known, more recently developed facets of Hashimoto’s studio practice: A multitude of flat, kite-like components making up 'The Dark Isn’t The Thing to Worry About' face various directions, referencing traditions of both landscape and sculpture-in-the-round, while challenging and destabilizing viewers’ propensity to seek out established vantage points. By using resin, Hashimoto introduces an industrial, durable material to his practice that contrasts the elements of ephemerality and lightness of other works for which he is known.

ON VIEW: 5/4/2018-8/17/2018

Press Release: http://www.galerieforsblom.com/exhibitions/jacob-hashimoto4/