Pizzuti Collection - Columbus, OH

A thought-provoking exhibition of twenty-first century painting, sculpture, video and furnishings representing the newest abstract work from today’s best artists.

David Pagel writes, “In one weird, hyphenated word, NOW-ISM insists that the works in it are both of the moment—particular to the circumstances in which they were made and attuned to the digital phase of the Information Age as it hurtles us through the first decade and a half of the twenty-first century—and outside of time: unshackled by the constraints of context and the restrictions of history because, as works of art, they are fully present in the moment and available to be intimately engaged by innumerable viewers, over and over again, in perpetuity. The beauty of now is that it never grows old. Its biggest drawback is that it doesn’t last: Constantly slipping away, now never lets anyone rest with what happened yesterday. To attend to the works in this exhibition, you have to be on your toes, at the top of your game, attentive to details, alive to subtlety, and in touch with the peculiar poetry of visual experience.”