Sky Columns

With his first solo show in Germany, Hashimoto has conquered heavenly heights. In the former high-bay warehouse, which serves as an additional exhibition wing of SCHAUWERK, the American artist has created the site-specific installation, Sky Columns.

In the 15 meter high interior hangs 28 columns, involving approximately 11,000 paper elements. Each 22 paper discs or squares were connected by black string to form long chains with one another, and each "Pillar of the Heaven" was composed of 18 of these chains together. In the densely over-storage emerged spatially staggered fields.

Because of the material, the shape of its components and the spatial arrangement of the Sky Columns appear light and architectural, natural and artificial at the same time. The basic idea for the floating assemblages came from Hashimoto's fascination of the transitions between painting and sculpture, abstraction and landscape.

Video of installation.