Mary Boone Gallery, New York, NY

With their arrangement of discs suspended from string, Jacob Hashimoto's works - occupying a place between painting and sculpture - bear resemblance to models of a complex planetary system. For this exhibition, Hashimoto builds on this correlation to meditate on mankind's enduring fascination with creating order of the world. The quest for knowledge represented in ancient celestial maps and bygone charts of the unknown serve as inspiration for new imagery and a new color palette.

The collective turn away from mystery, myth, and magic - an unfortunate and unintended result of rapid scientific advancement - resides at the crux of concerns driving Hashimoto's work, which recuperates our sense of wonder via layers of overlapping "kites" of intricate cut paper collage and bamboo. When seen head-on, compositions coalesce suggesting cryptic diagrams or coded maps, then dissipate into illegible fragments when the works are viewed at an angle, an effect analogous to processes of the Information Age: pixelization of images, digital signal processing, compression of data.

In the small gallery, Hashimoto presents a new installation work, a ten by seven-foot square hanging column of resin-saturated paper modules. This medium - and its enduring physicality - represents a departure from earlier large-scale works, while the architectural volume defined by the translucent discs recalls his acclaimed 2014 installations.

Opening September 8th, 2016

5PM - 7PM

745 5th Avenue New York, NY

On view from September 8th - October 29th, 2016