Galerie Forsblom, Helsinki, Finland

Definable neither purely as a painting or sculpture, Jacob Hashimoto’s (b. 1973) dynamic three-dimensional wall works are showcased in his third solo exhibition at Galerie Forsblom. Fusing painterly composition with traditional Japanese artisanry, he combines materials such as bamboo, rice paper and nylon thread.

Hashimoto’s installations are made up of hundreds of miniature paper kites which he masterfully arranges to create delicate illusions of movement, space and light. The overlapping translucent kites come together as multi-layered, multi-signifying installations. While the details remain abstract and graphic, the overall effect is organic, evoking a landscape. Hashimoto echoes the polyphonic iconography of our urban environment and contemporary society by using repetition, patchworks of assorted patterns, and an exuberant palette of colors.

On view from February 12, 2016 - March 6th, 2016.